Monday, February 20, 2017

Desert Classic Duathlon

Pictures: Before the deluge (and mud); first run (both feet off the ground!); bike (in the rain)

Somewhat sub-optimal conditions for the 2017 Desert Classic Duathlon, with fairly heavy rain and wind, but not nearly as bad as the initial forecast. The weather generally held before the start, but shortly after the road bike duathlon left on Run 1 (the last wave, about 25 minutes after the mountain mike wave left; they wanted the mountain bikers to clear a road crossing before sending the road bikers out), it started raining. A lot of rain on the bike segment, and throughout the second run, which was very muddy. Then, after I finished cold, wet, and tired, it turned out my timing chip didn't work -- so they didn't have me at all. Luckily, the guy I finished behind vouched for me, and I got a semi-official time. 2:41:03, 58/84 overall, 40/55 men, 5/10 division (first page when you go to M 60-69). Not bad for the weather.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tour de Palm Springs

The past two weeks have been pretty lousy for various reasons, but I did have fun doing the 50 at the Tour de Palm Springs last Saturday.  Pictures here.  The weather generally cooperated for the ride (except for the wind, but that's to be expected), then resumed heavy rains on Sunday and Monday, so I suppose that was a bit of luck amid 2 weeks' worth of crap.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Scottsdale Half Marathon

Formerly the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon, now the Runner's Den Scottsdale Half Marathon.  I shouldn't have done this, I didn't train much, am still working off a cold, and the day before, drove to Yuma and back for a friend's funeral service, but it was fun to run with the NWLB/Fresh Hair team, and hey, who says no to Christina?  2:05:09, about at the 50th percentile overall, men, and age group (15/30 -- so I made page 1 of the results)  Pretty day, but I'm glad the race ended at 13.1 miles; if it had gone for 13.2, I probably would have had to walk the additional 0.1.  Remarkably even splits, however; my pace varied from 9:27 min/mile to 9:34 min/mile, just not in a reverse split, I gained 7 sec/mi as the day went on, alas.  Good to run with friends.  More photos here.

Was the team shirt ugly enough for you?

Monday, November 14, 2016

Phoenix Summit Challenge 16

My first PSC.  I did the 7, starting at Piestawa at shortly after 5 am (Piestawa Peak, 2.4 mi, 1,162'; Apache Wash, 1.37 mi, 340'; Ridgeback Overlook, 4.52 mi, 350'; Deem Hills Ridgeline Summit, 3.7 mi, 701'; Lookout Mountain, 3.2 mi, 586'; Shaw Butte, 4.8 mi, 796'; and Holbert Trail, South Mountain, 5.0 mi, 999').  Finished at 5:05 pm.  I went with a group (a long-standing running group, but I lobbied for admission and got voted on the island for the day, thanks ladies), so you all get basically the same time because you're waiting for each other at the summits and back at the van.  But it was well worth it, because apart from the hiking, there's 3.5 hours of driving between the hikes, and the conversations, both on the trail and in the van, were equal to the scenery.  According to the Phx Parks results, I hiked the 25 miles with 5K elevation gain (and descent) in 8:21, and took 11:59 for the day, so there are your driving (and waiting) times right there.  Results here.  Great weather, a really nice group, and the food trucks at the end were pretty darn good, too.

Monday, November 07, 2016

AZ Open Water Bartlett Lake

A beautiful day and a pretty good swim at Bartlett Lake.  The water temperature was in the low 70's, so it was wetsuit legal, and my 1:17:46 was 5 minutes faster than my (non-wetsuit) time in Canyon Lake in September.  4/7 division, 10/17 men, but I wound up with a second-place finisher medal, somehow.  Full results here.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Kate McKinnon Ghostbusters Outtakes

"I was class president.  I was home schooled but I ran against my siblings."