Thursday, January 29, 2004

It's All Joe-ver But The Shouting

The Arizona Republic today endorsed Joe Lieberman in the Feb. 3 Democratic presidential preference election (primary), proving once again that "Joe-mentum" means nominating as the Democratic candidate somebody preferred by people who are absolutely going to vote for Bush anyway.

This means Lieberman can put his endorsement by the Arizona Republic right next to the Manchester Union-Leader endorsement. What’s next, the coveted New York Post endorsement?

The Republic endorsement reminded me of the Democratic candidate debate in Phoenix last October. My seat just happened to be right behind one of Arizona’s most prominent Jewish Republicans; I won’t use his name, but he’s certainly no heel (second item). Call him M. Anyway, M. is a big Joe Lieberman fan and asked me what I thought -- could he be nominated?

Interesting question, M., I replied. I said it depended. For example, would M. vote for him in November against Bush?

M. didn’t answer, but instead asked what I thought about a Jewish candidate running for president.

Interesting question, M., I replied. Would you vote for him in November against Bush?

M. still didn’t answer, but noted that Joe was discussing issues in ways that M. found compelling, and wouldn’t he be good for the Democratic party?

Interesting question, I replied. So would you vote for him in November against Bush?

M. just smiled and still didn’t answer, so my final response was that if there was no way a guy like M. would vote for Lieberman, why should Democrats nominate Joe because guys like M. like Joe?

We parted as friends, and I resumed my search for that elusive swing voter.

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