Tuesday, September 12, 2006

As Long As We're Featuring Photographs of Mamoun Ahmadenijad...

...here is the Iranian President greeting Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki during the Iraqi PM's visit to Teheran this week. It's apparently one big Islamofascist menace out there and Ahmadenijad is absolute evil, but here you have al-Maliki, a brave fighter for democracy, consorting with him. Smiling, to boot (it's there, under the moustache). Better simply to ignore it. Because facts are hard, stubborn things, but saying the same nonsense over and over again is so comfortable and sweet.

Ahmadenijad is surprisingly short, though.

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Mme. Defarge said...

Hi Sam:

Ahmadenijad has good reason to smile - we floated him a $350,000,000,000 gift from the US Treasury by fighting his war for him. Since we removed the only threat Iran had on its borders, Hezbollah has no impediment for amplifying Iran's regional power. Iran is creative too. It has a 180mph torpedo recently tested, and has already proven several years ago that it can close the 30 mile Strait of Hormuz with speedboats and mounted guns.

I just got an email from JD Hayworth telling me to "remember 9/11." Given the victory that we've handed to Bin Laden by draining the Treasury to enrich Iran and create new enemies, our children might remember 9/11 more for the colossal ineptitude of Bush and his Congress, than for the event. Bin Laden spent $500,000 to perpetrate a heinous act. He is supposed to have bragged that he got a million-to-one return on his terrorist dollar due to the $500B extra defense appropriation he cost us, and that such a return "could only have come from Allah."

"Allah" may well see us bankrupt - and it's not a good military posture to be broke.

So what does JD want me to remember about 9/11? That we declared a war on nobody in particular, and sent troops against an undefined enemy? That we let people in New Orleans swim in sewage for days? That we continue to enrich our Middle East friends by making no effort whatsoever toward an energy policy that would disentangle us from that region?

I'd rather remember 9/11 by seeing JD and some other members of our Vichy Congress serve time behind prison bars.