Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Almost Forgot To Brag About My Half Marathon Time. Almost.

I just posted this week's column a day late because I just returned from the second annual daddy-daughter weekend in St. Louis with America's Favorite College Sophomore. We checked out the latest and greatest in museums, restaurants, and the St. Louis Marathon. This year I opted to run the half marathon, not the full, because I also wanted to hear the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra under David Robertson at a matinee that afternoon and it wasn't likely I could manage that after running a full one. So culture won out over blisters.

The half was a new PR for me at 1:52:31, which is an 8:36 pace, which ain't at all bad for an old guy and meant I could get my post-race bagel and drinks without waiting in a long line like all those 2 hour people. For results click here and enter my last name.

I also bring you a good report about the Pulitzer Foundation's minimalism exhibition (it being minimalism, the less said, of course, the more authentic) and Niche, Terrene, and Blueberry Hill for the restaurants, the usual report (which is still perfect) about Ted Drewes, and the SLSO was simply fantastic; it's now one of the five best orchestras in the country and probably in the top 20 or 25 worldwide. If you're anywhere near St. Louis, go.

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