Monday, April 03, 2006

It's Not The Money, It's The Prestige

Why do I bother writing a weekly column for The Tribune, when they pay me what Calvin Trillin once described as "in the low two figures"? I do it for the fun of driving the 'wingers batty, as evidenced by this letter in today's paper:
Coppersmith Not Worth Reading

I like reading both sides of the fence on issues because it gets me thinking. I stopped reading Sam Coppersmith. The only thing he makes me think about is how mean spirited and crazy he is. His opinions are off the wall. Is he the best the Tribune capable of getting in the East Valley? Get rid of him, increase the credibility of the newspaper.

Marilyn Burke

I take it when Ms. Burke says she likes reading "both sides of the fence" she means she likes to see a variety of opinions in the paper ranging from Bill Frist to, say, Tom DeLay. Tee hee (that's Yiddish for "heh").

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