Monday, June 08, 2009

Lake Tahoe Century 2009

It's called "America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride" and it probably is. I rode with my peeps from Westchester-Hudson Valley again, and had a great time. Thanks to the recession, we had much better accommodations (no disorientation from having to walk through a casino everytime you enter or leave the hotel), and I learned my lesson about bathroom breaks last year (which is don't wait until the rest stops, use the facilities at the state parks along the route, or the supermarkets, or the ski area. No lines, while people are standing dozens deep at the port-a-johns).

We were all worried because Saturday was miserable, constant rain and temps in the low 40's. But it stopped raining Saturday night, and while it was cloudy at the start, the sun came out around 9 am and stayed out. It's still an odd ride--spectacularly beautiful, all around the lake. But they don't close the roads, and you have to ride single file, and among cyclists of widely varying skill and speed levels. People ride two abreast, which is against the rules, then hassle you if you ask if they intend to pass or will kindly get the frack out of the way. But if you figure you're just riding slowly much of the time and won't find a rhythm (or have a clear line of sight to the photographer), it's OK.

I also can recommend the J. T. Basque Bar and Dining Room in Gardnerville on the way to Tahoe--a ton of food for $15. The special Saturday for lunch was beef tongue stew. My grandmother would have been proud.