Tuesday, June 27, 2017

> 90% of Life (in my age group) Is Just Showing Up

The AZ Open Water event at Saguaro Lake on June 24 was the Arizona Local Masters Swimming Committee open water state championship. The heat the past 2 weeks meant that the swim was all non-wetsuit, and the AZLMSC involvement meant that the start time was pushed earlier by an hour; suit couldn't have zippers or ties; no watches; and they even checked fingernail length.

I stuck it out for the 5000 meter event, so I can tell people I swam a 5K. I wasn't as fast as I've gone in the past, but conditions weren't perfect. The swim required a 400m swim from the entry point to the start, and worse, a 400m swim past the finish line to the exit. Also, the start was delayed, as is now customary, which meant during the second 2.5K loop, motorboats were causing swells and leaving exhaust. But I had a pretty steady pace, and my rate for 5000m was faster than my fellow carpoolers' rate for 2500m. (Of course, they can smoke me on any run.)

Still, in my age group, just showing up and finishing is often all it takes. I finished in 1:53:17 (results here), and by the time I finished, they had finished giving out all the awards. I then asked to see the results sheet, and my age group (men 60-64) wasn't listed. A few minutes later, a volunteer came over and handed me a first place medal, saying that she didn't know what my time was, but she knew that I took 1st place in my group, as the only swimmer. 1/1 AG, 33/36 overall at the 5K distance. State champ!