Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jon Kyl Decides It's More Important To Hurt Democrats Than To Help Doctors

Announces he'll vote againt his own bill. Maybe he's a secret health care mole somehow? It's not very easy to get the AMA mad at Republicans, that's a nice trick.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Non-Prize-Winning Jokes

Working on the proper humorous reaction to today's Nobel Peace Prize announcement:
  • Sure, it's nice, but it's not like it's an honorary degree from ASU
  • Don't react immediately; instead, wait for David Broder and Robert Robb to explain how this actually is good news for the Republicans
  • There goes Michael Crow's chance to serve on the Nobel Prize committee
  • See? The rest of the world doesn't like the GOP, either.
  • Or else they secretly want to see Bill Kristol's head explode. That would be pretty cool.
  • It's a double-edged sword. Because winning the Nobel Peace Prize can really ruin your whole day.
  • So Obama can't do anything in Copenhagen, but he's a hero in Stockholm? Choose your Scandanavian destination carefully, I always say. (Yes, the award ceremony -- for the Peace Prize only -- is in Oslo but the committee is based in Stockholm, where the other awards are given on the same day. I'm not letting you make my travel arrangements.)
Maybe the Nobel people are simply relieved at having a US president whose first reaction to anything isn't to bomb or send (more) troops. Still, that position got 46% of the vote in November.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Tour de Scottsdale 2009

Seventy miles, 3:39:09. The organizers give the time down to the tenth of a second, which is what we call in the business either (a) excessive or (b) a joke. But if you're keeping score at home, officially it was 3:39:09.2. Full results here.
No photos yet. Not bad, overall; it was fairly windy and while I got dropped by the pack around mile 55, I finished about 2.5 minutes behind my goal. A lot of work to do before ETT next month, though.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

"If It's Only Broke For Tens Of Millions Of People, Don't Fix It."

Financing health care for anyone less than 65 years old is socialism, I tell you. Socialism!