Monday, February 29, 2016

Desert Classic Duathlon 2016

While I didn't do as well at DCD2016 as last year -- Murray Macpherson decided to race, so that meant I would definitely finish behind him (by 37 minutes!) and CJ Ketterer and whomever showed up to claim second, and thus no podium this year -- and my overall time was 2 minutes slower, it felt like a much harder and better race.  I was pretty similar to last year through Run 1 and both transitions, and while my Bike was 3 minutes slower, Run 2 was a full minute faster.  I managed to keep running for the full second run, and only was passed once and managed to pass some people ahead of me, which never happens.  (Usually in triathlons, I get out of the water then spend the rest of the morning watching people pass me on the bike and the run.)  I was in fifth place in my division (out of 7) through T2, but then managed to make up 4 minutes in Run 2 on the fourth place guy and finish fourth by almost 2 minutes.  Beautiful weather, challenging and appealing course, nice company, and a very satisfactory day.

Overall 2:41:40,  46/63 men, 4/7 age group; full results (road) here.
Run1 35:39
T1: 1:46
Bike 1:25:35
T2: 1:52
Run2 36:49

No photos yet, check back later.