Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Scottsdale Half Marathon

 The Scottsdale Half/5K is usually a fun event, with a huge Tri-Scottsdale/Team Fresh Hair turnout. I had two goals after last year's bad race: (1) not get injured, and (2) finish. And I did, although it was a slog. I tried to stay even, but my pace slowed over the miles from 9:30/mile down to 10:00/mile. But I didn't get hurt, I finished, and I beat last year's time (which was deceptively good) by 14 minutes, although I was 6 minutes behind 2016. But for not training enough, and not getting hurt, it was a pretty good day, and based on how much trouble I had sleeping Sunday night, I gave it my all. My time was 2:11:50, a 10:04 pace, 27/37 division, 342/476 men, 628/1033 overall.

Here's the link for the finisher video. You can tell I gave it my all; I thought I was gliding to the finish, but it looks like my legs are gonna fall off.