Monday, April 29, 2024

Cactus Man Triathlon 2024

This year's course changed from past years. The biggest change was the bike course, which stayed west of Mill Avenue, which meant the sprint course was 2 loops and the "international" (not Olympic) course was 4 loops, and even so, the bike course was more than 5 miles shorter than past years. The run course also went west of transition and the Tempe Arts Center, so fewer climbs (or "climbs") and it was measured accurately, at least by my watch.

With the shorter bike time, I managed to finish under 3 hours (by 17 seconds!), but that made me 12/13 in my age group. (Too many fast 65-year-olds.) Swim was about the same as last year, bike was 20 minutes shorter due to the shorter course, and run was almost 3 minutes faster. Where I lost time was in T1, where I started to cramp coming out of my wetsuit and had to work through that, and lost about 3 minutes. Full results here, my result here, photos here.


Swim 30:54.9 (wetsuit)
T1 7:05.2 (wetsuit-related cramp)
Bike 1:06:52.8 (under 20 miles)
T2 3:17.8
Run 1:11:31.9
Overall 2:59:42.8
Division 12/13, gender 191/222, overall 242/286

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center Don Coyote Society event

Here's video of my talk (also embedded below) at the event on March 17. Here's the SWCC website, and here's the SWCC donation page. Take a tour!

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Quartz Peak

Another hike that had been on my internal list, Quartz Peak in the Sierra Estrella Wilderness southwest of Phoenix. 2,500' elevation gain to over 4,000' in less than 3 miles. Photos by friends, as my phone locked up from trying to search for a signal in this remote location.