Monday, October 03, 2005

On Harriet Miers

I work at an 8-lawyer law firm, and 4 of my partners are both women and more qualified than she is. (Our associate just hasn't been in practice long enough yet.) Just wondering, that's all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sam:

A clue, perhaps -

This morning's Supreme Court nomination seemed uncharacteristically unextreme and insufficiently harmful to democratic government. I wondered why Bush had done this - was he or his Brain too overloaded to press on with PNAC?

The answer in

makes more sense. Incredibly, Bush and his Brain may have tossed a "Hail Mary" pass. If Fitzgerald announces indictments in the next several days, Cindy Sheehan's question will see its day in court.

Incidentally, JD Hayworth weighed in (pun serendipitous) on the Plame matter quite early, see:

JD sent that letter to me. My reply was to go to the FEC website and make him eat that letter. Perhaps he will still be chewing on it in 2006.