Tuesday, January 17, 2006

When People Ask if I'll Ever Run Again, This Isn't What They Meant

The Coppersmith household had a big day Sunday at the Rock-n-Roll Arizona Marathon and Half-Marathon--as a family, we ran 39.3 miles, even with three members opting to take the day off. Both my son and I managed to achieve a personal record in our respective events. I couldn't quite break the 4 hour barrier, but I was very happy with my new best-ever time, and hey, if I was a woman I'd have qualified for Boston, but I think having the operation and running another marathon is more than I want to tackle this spring. Theoretically, if I keep up this rate of improvement in my time since 2004, in about 16 years I would finish before I start. You know the drill, go to this link, enter "Coppersmith" in the last name field, and see how we both did. Photos aren't available yet, maybe by next week's post.

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