Monday, January 15, 2007

Rock-N-Roll Results and Fossil Creek Premiere

A tough but ultimately satisfying day at the 2007 Rock-n-Roll Arizona marathon, with a 4:20:58. Just under 10 minutes per mile (by like 2 seconds). I thought I might do better heading into December, but I had a rough final month training and two weeks out had to stop running for several days, and worried I wouldn't be able to finish. So I'm happy.

The temperature at the start was 29 degrees; how do people back east/up north run in that without people watching (so you're too embarrassed to stop)? My hands not only chapped, but around mile 18, started bleeding, but by that point I had so many other things that hurt more that it really wasn't worth worrying about.

Then following the marathon, I cleaned up and attended the premiere of the new PBS documentary on the restoration of Fossil Creek, called A River Reborn. My firm and I have been involved with this project since 1999. The documentary will air on KAET Channel 8 in Phoenix on Wednesday at 9 pm MST; information on showings in other markets eventually will appear at the NAU website about the documentary.


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