Monday, February 26, 2007

Family News

When retired MIT professor and former provost Francis E. Low died earlier this month, the university press office obituary, to show how important he was to modern physics, cites three of his most famous students, one of whom currently chairs the Department of Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As they say (numerous times, each and every basketball/hockey/football game), Go Badgers! Please note that Prof. Low was "known among friends for his ability to sing tunes by Cole Porter," which I expect readers to find much more impressive now.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Big 10, a prominent State College (Pa.) businesswoman is still stirring things up--by taking on the local newspaper in the local newspaper. It's a quintessential Coppersmithsonian move, where you use the local power structure to fight the local power structure even though a lot of people think you are part of the local power structure.

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