Wednesday, November 07, 2007

When People Ask If I'm Thinking Of Running Again, This Isn't What They Usually Mean

New York City Marathon 2007! NYC for me was a terrible time and a wonderful day. It wasn’t going to be my day, for a large number of reasons, and early on I realized my sole goal had to be to finish. So while I’ve run better and faster, I’m as satisfied with what I did (4:54) on Sunday as any previous marathon (and I still made the newspaper the next day, 5 hours was the cutoff for the Times). And New York is a great race, with an amazing number of people both running and watching; it took 27 minutes to reach the starting line. Lots of marathons have people clapping, or clanging cowbells; only in New York do they also cheer on the runners with Purim groggers.

UPDATE: Photos!

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