Monday, February 11, 2008

Some Miscellaneous Stuff That Didn't Fit Elsewhere

1. I’m the D talking head on public TV's Horizon show (channel 8) both tonight at 7 pm and next Monday 2/18. Rep. John Loredo got sick and I was today's substitute Democrat. (Update: Here's the link to the video. I think.)

2. Roll Call is reporting that Rep. John Shadegg
will announce his retirement tonight. This is for everyone who asked me if it made sense to give money to Bob Lord. Guess it did.

3. Sunday’s Arizona Republic featured a
“news” article by “reporter” Matthew Benson, entitled “Obama’s loss in Ariz. Stings Napolitano / Governor campaigned for Ill. senator.” Sources quoted were the Washington Post political blog (the media quoting itself!), two GOP political consultants (two separate quotes from the one who ran the campaign of Napolitano’s unnamed 2006 GOP opponent), Napolitano’s press secretary (1 sentence), and the executive director of Arizona LIST, which is described as a group which backs “women in politics who advocate for abortion rights.” Arizona LIST is actually modeled after EMILY’s List, and on its website says it’s purpose is electing pro-choice Democratic women, but Benson omitted that fact so that the only people in the column given a party affiliation were the Governor and the GOP consultants.

Not only was there no polling data (how about state polls of Obama vs. Clinton both before and after the endorsement?), the need to ask a single Democrat qua Democrat about any fallout for the Governor apparently didn’t make the Republic’s radar. I’m waiting for a Republic article on John McCain that similarly only quotes Democrats. I expect to be waiting quite a while.

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