Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good Lord, The Tribune Backs Me Up

Some people might think a prosecutor shouldn't jump to conclusions and make erroneous charges based on newspaper articles that were later corrected by the newspaper. Apparently that doesn't include Andrew Thomas and his supporters.

I had toyed with the idea, in response to state Rep. Russell Pearce's attempt Friday to distract people from Thomas's mistakes and inaccurate charges, that I would in turn call for the Attorney General to investigate Pearce's call for the Attorney General to investigate how the Attorney General awarded a contract to my law firm for health care law specialty work used by the state for the Arizona Veterans Home. But I couldn't figure out where to put the jokes, or exactly how the AG could investigate the AG's investigation of the AG's office. Didn't bother Pearce, but I worry about those sorts of things.

I like the Tribune's headline better: "Tribune: Thomas accusations against Nelson wrong." (Key quote: "The Tribune found multiple inaccuracies within statements made by Thomas and his campaign.") Maybe Russell Pearce should investigate that.

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