Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marc Cooper Doesn't Like New Times Much

A long, long, long post by Marc Cooper on the limitations of the New Times version of journalism, to the extent that it's journalism. Yes, it's long but it's worth reading. (H/t Ezra Klein). Thanks to the miracle of corporate ownership, you can now read the same "turgid, under-reported and tendentious piece placed in the paper by none other than the guy who now effectively owns it" in both LA (as "Los Angeles News") as well as Phoenix.

There's an argument to be had over whether Gov. Napolitano did as much as she could for Arizona. See, for example, Jon Talton. Even though I'm probably way more liberal than the Gov (on second thought, I don't think it's ideological--I'm way more confrontational than the Gov), I don't agree, but it's an argument worth having on the terms Talton sets out. But Lacey? To paraphrase the British sitcom title, "Never mind the quality--feel the length!"

Note: Last sentence edited, I misremembered the original joke.

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RedWinger said...

The Talton article IS good! It put many of my darkest daily thoughts about AZ into words.