Monday, May 18, 2009

A Hot Time in Tempe

Results from Sunday's Tempe International Triathlon are available here (scroll down for the Men 50-54 results.) (UPDATE: Photos!) It was a good swim, a barely OK (at best) bike, and a very long, very slow, and very hot run. I had hoped to break 3 hours but straggled home in 3:09:43 (378/540 overall, age group 20/27.) But my one point for finishing helped my team (Go Ungainly Named Tri-Scottsdale/Gage Racing Triathlon Club!) win the state team championship. (Now maybe the emails will stop.) But if I can get my run time down to a far less embarrassing 59 minutes, show more speed on the bike, and work on my transitions, I should be able to break 3:00 in NYC in July. I hope.

No wetsuits, the water was too warm. Too bad, as it's hard not to look cool in a wetsuit.

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