Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Because We Can Focus On Only One Boogeyman At A Time

So what if the one lasting result of now-enjoined SB 1070 is that we finally get gay marriage in this country because angry white guys are too busy hating on Mexicans to fuss anymore about the gays?

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Vern D. said...

I think you're not giving Jan Brewer credit for a clever jobs Program that'll be kicking in after the November elections. SB1070 means that the farms around Yuma will be needing help in a big way during the winter harvest. When the United Farm Workers invited folks to try a week of farm labor in Imperial Valley - they reported (on the Daily Show) that three people had taken that offer.

Well - this is Jan Brewer's genius. What we've lost in the tech sector in AZ - Jan's going to replace in Yuma. She'll do what the UFW couldn't, although it may mean a pay cut...