Monday, April 22, 2013

ITU World Triathlon San Diego

A very nice course--a salt water swim in Mission Bay, a 2-loop bicycle course around the bay and Fiesta Island, and a 2-loop run along Mission Bay and beach, with lots of people in beach houses watching and encouraging the runners (plus we got to watch the beach volleyball players).  The bicycle course came with an elevation chart--which looked troublesome until you looked at the scale, which went from sea level to 50 feet, a roadway overpass.  Not a fast time amid a very fast, very capable field of age-groupers, but given that my foot was in a cast 5 weeks ago, I was delighted to finish the run in 1:02 (after a 7 minute T2 to make sure my lace-up shoes were secure and tight).  And Tri-Scottsdale placed second in the Class 2 national club competition ("We are the runners-up-to the champions, my friends").  3:07:35, overall 747/902, age group 33/36.  Plus photos and video here (be warned, when you click on the link, the video starts playing immediately).

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