Monday, May 16, 2016

Canyon Lake Open Water Swim 4500m

This swim was the third swim for the AZ Open Water spring series, and after a lackluster field showed up for Race #2 at Bartlett Lake, I was in third place overall and thought I needed to swim to protect my position.  As it turned out, a much deeper field came out to swim on Saturday.  Canyon Lake is the prettiest of the venues, and I think the same speed as 2 weeks before yielded 11th place, not third.  So I slipped to fourth for the series, which would have been my ranking even if I had skipped this swim.  But it was fun!  4500m in 1:27:20 (wetsuit), 11/14 masters men, 24/30 overall men, 50/58 everybody.  My usual 16 minutes behind David Loeffler and 7 minutes ahead of Bill Straw.  Series results here.

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