Monday, September 17, 2018

Lifetime Tempe Triathlon 2018

It was a very hot day in Tempe on Sunday. We started out around 84 degrees for the swim, and by the end of the run, it was well in the 90's and humid (by our "it's only a dry heat, like a self-cleaning oven" standards). UPDATE: While the official temperature for the event on the result website was 103 degrees, I think I finished before it hit 100. But maybe not!

I was 4 minutes slower than last year, but I think that's due to the weather. I also finished 5th in my age group, because 3 guys ahead of me all aged up this year from 55-59 to 60-64 (curse each of you for getting older, especially you Steve Greenspan). But a very creditable performance: Swim 32:19 (a minute faster than Thursday), T1 3:15, bike 1:19:14 (slower than last year, maybe I should have used the tri bike after all), T2 2:47, and run 1:07:18 (5 minutes slower than last year - which I'm pretty happy about, considering the weather). Overall, 3:04:18, 5/10 age group, 134/237 men, 186/395 overall.

I'm pretty tired today; it was "only" an international distance triathlon, but it was hard. Results, photo, and a finish line video (boy, I don't look at all graceful running) available here.

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