Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Powerman Arizona Duathlon

Broken finger from a fall on the second trail run 500m from the finish, and was dead last in my age group. But there were only 3 in my division, so Podium!

When it doesn't hurt so much to type, I'll add more.

UPDATE: I'm still typing one-handed, but surgery went well and I can peck my way through this update. Overall 2:44:38, which is 21 seconds faster than last year, even with the fall and picking myself up and folding my broken finger against the rest of my hand to finish. Run 1 30:55, T1 2:43, Bike 1:34:20, T2 2:26, Run 2 34:16 (last year was 34:09, so I was doing pretty well for me). 23/36 overall, 14/18 men, 3/3 age group. Full results here.

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