Tuesday, February 03, 2004

New Contest!

To get ready for March Madness, one of my colleagues suggests we have a "Bipartisan Intelligence Investigation Panel" pool. Name four people President Bush will name to the BIIP. Here are his picks:

Condoleeza Rice
Colin Powell
Jessica Simpson (would have been Janet Jackson, but the President fell asleep after the first half)

Here are mine:

James Baker
3 names at random from the Houston phone book

Here are my colleague's wife's picks:

Valerie Plame
George Tenet
Geraldo Rivera
Robin Williams

Got a guess to make? Send your entry to sam at cgson dot com and I'll post them all. Special tiebreaker question: What day will the BIIP be directed to submit its report? I'll take Nov. 3--the day after the election. Ha!

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