Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Here In Arizona, We Are J-D-Lighted

Because you can't check the results page too often in the CD-5 race, it's here. Best reaction quote? "Oh, how I'll miss the red face, the hair slicked back with sweat, the epic gasbaggery."

Harry Mitchell is now the most popular Democrat in DC.


Anonymous said...


I'm still absorbing what the collapse of Vichy rule means for us. My favorite disingenuous filmmaker e-mailed that John Conyers will be the new chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which I confess gave me a wide grin this morning.

But the Senate.... we will be replacing our present disingenuous custodian of the airwaves - the Senate Commerce Committee Chairman. The FCC and Congress have permitted two hikes of the media concentration cap under the '96 Telecom Act, (which Bill C. has now publicly regretted signing).

The most alarming thing I experienced in Vichy America - what made it feel more "Vichy" - was the total collapse of the mainstream press. (sidenote - I think "podcasts" were driven by the information vacuum more than they were by technology). I hope our Congress can restore the 25% Hollings cap and rein these conglomerates in.

Tom Prezelski said...

Be careful when you use the word "Vichy." In some communities in this state "vichi" means "naked."

Zelph said...

Rumor has it that J.D. was so angry by the election results that he popped the staples out of his stomach in a fit of rage and has gained 150 pounds since last week. He hasn't conceded because he's too embarrassed to appear in public now.

Anonymous said...

"the epic gasbaggery"... Really hilarious stuff! Yes, this is a time to relish in victory :)