Monday, November 06, 2006

Running and Spinning

It's quiet out there. Too quiet. And watch it take days until final votes are tallied in several key races. But no matter, I need to be ready to spin like a pro by 8:30 pm MST on Tuesday evening, when I'm part of the Horizon (Channel 8, PBS in Phoenix/Tempe) 4-person election panel. It was going to be me and two Republicans, one a lobbyist and the other a columnist, but I said forget about that. Eventually, the producer relented and we have a less conservative columnist joining the panel now. A small victory for balance. And that's PBS! Sheesh.

For those in Phoenix, Michael J. Fox is appearing at a get-out-the-vote rally at 4:30 pm this afternoon to support Jim Pederson and Harry Mitchell. It's at the Fiesta Inn at 2100 S. Priest Drive, the southwest corner of Broadway and Priest, in Tempe. Let me know if you want a copy of the flyer for the event but that's basically all it says.

Finally, a new PR at Sunday's Phoenix YMCA Half Marathon, 1:50:59. Couldn't manage to break 1:50 on a course with a 2-mile uphill grade at the finish, but that's over a minute and a half better than my previous best, an 8:29 pace, and a nice waystation for my Rock-n-Roll Marathon training. The vendor has posted two photos here; of course, as a guy, I'm busy playing with my watch, which I don't really understand how to operate and which I can't really read anymore without reading glasses, as soon as I crossed the finish line.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sam:

Thanks for standing up to the attempted discussion panel "stacking." I've lived here since the early '80s. Somewhere along the line, Michael G. has acquired a nastiness toward challenges to our One Party system. The onset was gradual - I wonder if it was neurological. "GOP degenerative disorder."

But - there have been some nice surprises this election. I never thought I'd see the AZ Rep show multiple instances of op-ed reality denial failure. Someone must have snuck the Colbert Correspondent's Dinner speech into their inboxes... with a translation and margin notes.