Monday, October 01, 2007

Clean Elections Training

Hey, lawyers: Help a candidate, help turn Arizona blue.

The state Democratic Party is holding two training programs for attorneys interested in assisting campaigns this cycle with Clean Elections reporting and compliance. There are two sessions, one in Phoenix and one in Tucson, later this month. For more information, contact Nathan Slovin at Nathan-at-slovingroup dot com or call 7872991 in area code 602. (Sorry for the non-traditional email and phone number but those 'bots are pretty good these days.)


Anonymous said...

I'd like to contact you about cross-linking to your blogposts, but the email you've got listed above... doesn't work. I guess it's meant as a joke, but it'd be nice if it were easier to reach you.

Sam said...

The words are the NATO phoenetic alphabet, to discourage the 'bots. Charlie is "C," Golf is "G," and so forth. If you still can't figure it out, post your email and I'll email you offline.