Monday, October 04, 2010

We've Ended Our Subscription, Too

No more of our money for mendacious media morons. How do you say "unfortunate dustup" in Spanish?

From Karen Scates:
Today I canceled my subscription to the Arizona Republic. For more than 40 years I have been a subscriber and also to the Phoenix Gazette until it shut down. I am one of the Neanderthals who likes to read a morning paper, and even though it has become mostly a bird cage liner, I've kept my home delivery.

The editorial endorsing Jan Brewer was the most nauseating column I have ever read. Even excusing the fact that I'm a Democrat or that I work for Terry Goddard and he is my friend, there is no reasonable person with a modicum of education who could embrace their disingenuous and spineless endorsement. To refer to her signing of SB1070 as an "unfortunate dustup" after they have been editorializing against it and to suggest that she has "out performed expectations on a host of fronts" is stretching anyone's imagination. To suggest she has a talent for handling the legislature is insulting and false since they have whipsawed her, along with her lobbying friends, at every turn.

The dumbing down of our education system and nasty political environment is only matched by the questionable journalism and lack of bold leadership we are surrounded by and reinforced by this ridiculous excuse for a newspaper. Our State has become a laughing stock and now Jan Brewer is only matched by the travesty of the morning newspaper.

I believe in consequences for bad behavior (does not include boycotting the state!) and my small protest is to cancel my subscription. Maybe they'll understand lost revenue if nothing else. Maybe you'll feel the same and join me.

My old boss, Mo Udall, used to say, "I'm a man of principle and my first principle is flexibility -- them's my views and if you don't like 'em, I'll change 'em!" I think this is one time he would agree that there's no room for flexibility.

The best "consequence" would be to elect Terry Goddard as Governor. It might be an uphill battle in this insane environment, but let's all double-down and make it happen. Our future depends on it!!
The Arizona Republic: The Newspaper for People Afraid of the Future.

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