Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get Your Fracking Early Ballots In Already

This goes especially for our sons. Also, an update on the Scottsdale School Board. The SEA (teachers) made an endorsement over the past week, it just went up on the website; they're endorsing Schaefer and Denny Brown, not Kirby. If I hadn't submitted my ballot already, that would have been enough to switch my preference. UPDATE: Or maybe not, my guru on SUSD matters heard from some still-involved parents she trusts who still prefer Kirby over Brown, so maybe my ballot was filled out correctly after all. Finally, on CAWCD, I couldn't bring myself to vote the straight nihilist ticket; I voted for Frank Fairbanks and Arif Kazmi. What can I say? As a liberal, being irresponsible is just too darn difficult.

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