Monday, November 01, 2010

The Political Crankiness Equivalent of Classic Rock

One day last week our receptionist buzzes me, and says that "some old crank from Tucson" called about the “Vote No on All Propositions” signs; we’re the office for the 10 ballot committees involved. (The reason for 10 committees is a long story, not worth your time because doesn’t set up this joke but rather another one.) She gives me the message, which says that the guy really likes those signs and wants to know if he can get some to put up around Tucson. I then look at the name—it’s former state Sen. John Kromko. “That’s not some old crank from Tucson,” I exclaim. “That’s the ORIGINAL old crank from Tucson.” It’s like getting a message from Eric Clapton saying he liked your playing on that YouTube video somebody sent him.

So when John asked that I distribute this cartoon , of course I’m going to do it. Medical marijuana is 203, not 201, but you get the idea. (Click for larger version to read the text.)

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