Monday, May 20, 2019

Early Birthday Bike-Swim Weekend

I'll be out of town (at Louis's law school graduation) on my birthday, so I swapped out the usual year X 100s swim and bagels at the Village for a bike-swim weekend. Saturday, Tri Scottsdale and the Village (great cookies, Abby!) organized a ride up Mount Lemmon in Tucson, then Sunday was Arizona Open Water 4000m at Bartlett Lake. I was a tad slower in the swim than 2 years ago, but nobody who finished ahead of me had ridden their bicycle up and down Mt. Lemmon the day before. A very nice weekend. Saturday, about 3.5 hours up, 1.5 hours down, 59 4 miles, 7,871' vertical gain. Sunday, 1:20:33 for 4000m, with full swim results here. And now I get a rest week - with NYC bagels, too.

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