Thursday, May 02, 2019

Splash & Dash #1

A sweet little event at Tempe Town Lake, with 2 swim options, then a set run, which can be dropped for people who only want to do the swim, plus relays. So, 6 different race categories, then all the age groups. The weather was nearly perfect; the water temperature was 74 degrees, so it was wetsuit legal and pretty much everybody wore one, as did I, for the open water practice. Results here; 1:04:33 for the 1500m swim-transition-run, which was 30/58 overall, 23/40 men, 3/4 a.g. in that category. That's nearly 5 minutes faster than last year (over a minute faster on the swim and over 3 minutes faster on the run), probably because of the weather but also a stronger run than last year. On to Cactus Man on Sunday.

Photo credit: Pedro Gomes (the triathlon coach who gave us the only advice I remember: "With 17 hours, you can do pretty much anything.")

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